• Herbicidal treatment & control of all aquatic Schedule 9 invasive weed species
  • Management of all aquatic & pond plants
  • Bulrush management
  • Water parameter testing
  • Sustainable Drainage System (SuDs) Maintenance

A variety of aquatic plant species can be found in ponds, rivers and lakes across the UK and, whilst they play a vital role in all of these aquatic ecosystems, they can cause congestion and issues within these waterbodies.

Appleby Environmental Services Ltd can support you in achieving control of all native and non-native aquatic plant species within your watercourses and waterbodies with our team of specialists and operatives being fully insured, certified and able to offer expert advice along with the best solutions for your aquatic plant control requirements.

Ensuring that we work in line with industry best practices and always having health and safety provisions at the forefront of everything we do – Appleby Environmental Services Ltd believes that no job is too critical not to be done safely and this is rooted throughout our company values.

Our NPTC certificated operatives are experienced in all herbicidal applications in or near to water and can treat your waterbodies using herbicides and adjuvants that have aquatic approval along with permission granted from The Environment Agency to carry out the required treatments. When aquatic invasive plant growth exceeds the limitations of mechanical removal, aquatic herbicidal treatment can be an extremely effective solution to achieving control of aquatic invasive plant species.

If herbicidal treatment to the plant species within your waterbody or watercourse is required to achieve control of the plants; our knowledgeable and experienced specialists can support you throughout the process, in addition to completing the required application to The Environment Agency for their agreement to apply herbicides in or near to water – making the control treatment process as easy as possible for our clients and customers.

Appleby Environmental Services Ltd offers Sustainable Drainage System (SuDs) Maintenance services to clients throughout the North East of England to include:

  • Water parameter testing and resolutions to ensure that your water quality remains high or help you to achieve beneficial water quality levels
  • Bulrush and reed removal and management
  • Aquatic plant removal and control of all non-native invasive plant species

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDs) are designed to be environmentally valuable whilst also resolving any surface water issues in areas such as newly constructed sites and housing estates, business and retail parks as well as large new road networks.

SuDs have numerous advantages such as easing flood burdens, creating new beneficial habitat for wildlife, filtration of pollutants in addition to the creation of an aesthetically attractive view to newly developed sites.

The majority of SuDs pond margins are planted with bulrush and reeds which do provide great pollutant filtration within the waterbody. However, these Reeds and bulrush have the capacity to colonise a pond if left unmonitored and can cause issues with overcrowding and imbalances within the water. The aim is to create a balance whilst ensuring that the reeds and bulrushes are not removed entirely as these create invaluable habitat for the wildlife that use the pond; but ensure that they are not colonising the pond. As the bulrush and reeds begin to encroach into the centre of the pond it is vital that these are monitored.

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